What We Do

We work with people to design better health, for people who need it

We bring people together:  patients, clinicians, the best technology and the brightest innovators.  Most of the work we do is designing better support through technology and community.  Our fundamental purpose is to enable more connected interactions.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We’ve designed services together with system leaders across the UK and beyond

We drew together experience from leadership roles in the NHS, facilitation and design at the Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment, consulting in GE Healthcare Finnamore, and took a big step forward to 3RDOpinion.

How We Work

How We Work

We work with people to explore, to challenge, and to learn

We blend the insight of years spent defining strategy and managing change, with in depth understanding of social research methods, design, and systems thinking. We use this to represent the complexity of what service users want and need, and translate it into action.

Who We Work With
To make better Health decisions,
better dialogue is needed.

Better health outcomes require us to work together to create what’s possible:  joint effort is needed to bring that possibility to life.  We have to understand and design Health around people, and the environments they can thrive in.

Our services

We facilitate diverse input to create viable Health services and technologies

Collaborative design

We design and run projects that bring people together, involve service users in design, and blend different perspectives to get richer results.


We develop communities of practice that work collaboratively, and proactively shape services to deliver what is needed, in projects that sustain beyond our intervention.

Action research

We run research projects that design Health around people rather than processes – bringing clarity of thought and action.

To make a difference we work together

With Technology Leaders

This video shows how we’re working together with DeepMind Health to determine how Advanced Technology can be designed with patients.

With Service Leaders

This video illustrates how we worked collaboratively to redesign a paediatric diabetes service around the needs of its users.

We collaboratively design technologies and communities around the needs of users to transform Health

Technology Innovators

Leading and growing technology organisations, designing solutions that meet needs for real people

Patient Organisations

Community and patient organisations to provide effective support and meaningful connections

Health Services

Defining, joining together, and delivering sustainable interactions that really work

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