How we work

3rdopinion is independent thought, research, and action.  We’re dedicated to significantly improving services that make a positive difference.

We are driven to find the best response rather than the easiest or most acceptable answer.

We’re committed to systems, services and people that are in better health.  Achieving this requires a radical departure from our current systems, methods and assumptions.  It moves us from pathology to connectedness in people and communities.  It must reach across contexts to enable learning to take place.

Reorganising and cutting resources within the same broken frame, will continue to push problems and costs around.  We need to be looking in fundamentally different places. We need to think and do differently.

We need to be prepared to explore, to challenge, and to learn.  We work with people and organisations to do just that: to be brave, to be honest, to challenge, to be different, to make their effort count.


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