Joining health and care systems together

Health and care systems face increasing demands in both the quality and quantity of service expected from public services.  We have facilitated many regional health and care systems to work together and respond to this complex problem in a systemic, connected way.

As demand increases, paradoxically, more and more time is spent on processing work and less spent on delivering services.  Feedback from service users highlights that multi-agency responses can often be disparate, confusing and unhelpful.  

Add to this the challenge of reducing budgets by 20-30%, simply making incremental changes or looking for isolated cost saving opportunities does not work.  Instead it decreases the quality and quantity of the services offered and makes failure in systems more likely.

By working together, services can make a tangible difference, providing better services and delivering real savings.  

We’ve worked together with a number of regional health and care systems, bringing system leaders (including people not traditionally tasked with ‘Health’) together – to determine how to sustainably improve outcomes for real people.  

The approach we take, is to:

  • Set a partnership aspiration based on input from service users and from best practice
  • Challenge services to think and work differently together for better outcomes
  • Determine a joint commitment to the fundamental changes needed
  • Agree a plan for how things would be done differently
  • Iterate, test, learn and develop the joint plan
  • Coach leaders and future leaders to create the change for themselves
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