Engaging Patients in the future of Health technology

27 participants took part in the DeepMind Health workshop on 7th July 2017 in London to discuss Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in healthcare…

After the insightful event in London, DeepMind Health moved to Manchester to explore how patients and the public can be better involved and engaged in the future of Health.

We set out to work with the people who will interact with, use, and improve DeepMind Health projects:  people who are willing to share their views and ideas, propose new projects, and who can work effectively in teams to develop them.

Read the Storify of our Manchester and London events

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See how our partners Crowe Associates approach PPIE (Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement)

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  • Elaine Manna

    10/10/2017 at 11:14 pm Reply

    This was the dynamic workshop that I expected. It was so clear to me that DMH had put a great deal of thought and hard work into facilitating this. I was engaged in the first Patient participation group last September. Intuitively I knew then as now, that something incredible was happening. DMH’s dedication and commitment in engaging all present at the London workshop was, real, honest enthusiastic, caring and thoughtful. It was so very genuine and achieved a great deal with fun and laughter along the way. It brought people together and DMH actively encouraged dialogue, views, creativity and opinions. They answered questions and really listened to what was being said. The future of Health Technology is bright. The difference it will make will be phenomenal. The NHS is drowning. The current mechanical methods used are out-dated. We live in a high tech world and paper and pen are still being used in hospitals.
    DMH is a brave new world of enlightenment which will save time and lives. What greater gift to the world could anyone give than this. Triaging in hospitals would be revolutionised in ‘real time’. Diagnosis and treatment would be speeded up and the research implications are boundless.

    DMH have a deep and enduring belief in their work and goals. From the outset I firmly believed in them. I have no doubts whatsoever. Only complete and utter faith in their mission to engage holistically to drive this happening revolution forward! I came out of the workshop on a ‘high’ and bubbling with excitement. DMH empowered the participants by giving us all a voice. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something so vital, that will have such a positive outcome for generations to come.
    Rosamund Snow would have been so very proud of everyone at DMH for taking her recommendations forwards. I know I am.

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