Designing the best diabetes service for young people

Outcomes for paediatric patients with diabetes vary significantly, and North Central London (NCL) committed to addressing this. To that end, we set out to design the Best Diabetes Service For NCL’s Young People, focusing on facilitation (i.e. to make easy) and co-coaching to create a supportive network that helps young people live active lives rather than seeing their condition as a barrier.

We held focus group research with patients (ranging from 6 to 19 years old) and parents, along with clinicians who engaged in knowledge gathering and assignment-led collaboration. The objective was to design the future service model for NCL’s young people.

We developed:

  • A globally leading service model design for a centre-based service that improves the outcomes for all
  • The business case for the new service
  • The plan for community support that will have the biggest impact on patients
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